Energy-efficient cars for the future

Minggu, 15 November 2009 ·

All hydrogen fuel now sold in the U.S. is environmentally friendly Hydro Re-label
10% in five years may not look great, especially compared with the move to provide free gasoline was 50 years old, who only took a decade. When the hydrogen producing large amounts of energy are needed, and the main issues to produce Re-Hydro has been a lack of energy from renewable sources and that are not produced near the plant's productio
n of fuel for the future.

Cars we see today now that fossil fuel will quickly run out within a few hundred years, if not change it any time from now again?

The researchers believe that although Re Hydro will be the dominating fuel in the future, and incentives to move has caused a large increase in the production of energy, cheaper even than the sun, wind and water.
Since hydrogen-hybrid in mixed with gasoline fuel cells will eventually force the vehicles using this fuel, because the long term and support of user Re-Hydro by the government, it could be environmental improvements in recent decades has succeeded in reducing pollution and no dependent of fossil fuels more

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