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Rabu, 17 Juni 2009 · 1 komentar

The opportunity will be more acceptable if there are not enough skilled humans to do specific tasks at reasonable prices, such as elder care which is currently lacking sorely in skilled laborers. There has been much research done and though put into developing robotics to aid in elder care where there are not enough people to perform specific tasks.

It has been reported that approximately 90 percent of companies who have robotic manufacturing abilities have not installed those applications. There are however, more than 115,000 robotics being used in the United States alone today which makes the U.S. second only to Japan.

The future of robotics technology looks bright. It has been pondered however just how robotics technology will affect future generations. Robotics devices that can lead the blind, aid the elderly and even clean house when needed are all being considered although the timeline for these developments is far from being seen right now. Looking into the past you can see that changes come greatly with innovation.

The cotton gin, airplane and internet are all examples of how creative developments have made life much easier so it is very safe to assume that with research and new developments in the area of robotics technology, there may just be true robotics that will aid in disease curing and other important industries.

Since there has already been a robot, Sojourner, sent to operate on another planet, it makes the mind wonder if space construction, assembly and communications, even agricultural industry will be possible in the future with robotics in space.

Other areas that are expected in the future to see the significance of robotics technology include transportation, environmental protection, air and water quality, recycling, chemical industries and hazardous waste disposal among several others.



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