Bicycle Technology Future

Selasa, 29 September 2009 · 0 komentar

This is now a variety of technologies is growing rapidly, so that people can easily find equipment that can be used at any time and useful for health.
bike is a proper means of transportation used, because in addition to helping a person can travel as a means of a very inexpensive sport.

Perhaps this could be a prototype for future bicycle who will often we meet in the next few years. But what's interesting is that the model of this bike is not like a bike that often we meet today, but instead resemble a model cycle times at once, or more popularly called by bicycle Bike Yike the same form as the bike was first invented, but it is more fashionable and sophisticated and another one is very portable.

Having a driving force of the battery power that can be refilled, with a limited speed of about 20 km per hour, but this feels like the speed of a safe speed for the prototype model of this bike. Because of this new model bike in nature can be portable or laptop anywhere, therefore relatively light weight of only 9.5 kg.

We as human beings now have to save energy because it is not possible forever all means of transportation using fossil fuels, thus making the air pollution that could result in human health.




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