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Senin, 16 November 2009 ·

Invention technolgy from life-and world-changing transformation brought about by the Industrial Revolution came the idea that the potential of technology is the engine of social progress so that all can make a man soon to have sophisticated technology

While technology is essential for human progress to date technology is also a destructive nature, it argues that the origin lies in the discovery of significant basic scientific discoveries. At best, the technology is applied science that has been discovered by scientists earlier example of computer science today is based on many of the principles used in design and beautiful shape.

Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) is a new system of the future taxis that can accommodate up to four passengers. Just press the advanced button then you will be able to enter into it, and you are on major roads with a comfortable speed to 25 mph. Invention Technology future Concept and design seems to be obtained directly from a science fiction movie. Fortunately, prospective passengers need not wait for thousands of years to use the transportation. London, England Heathrow International Airport plans to start using the PRT to transport passengers in 2010 - for free - between Terminal 5 and extensive parking.

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