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Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009 ·

In testing, Microsoft UltraCamXp 196 camera megapixel produce maps of the area residents with the details and Digital Elevation Models are able to eliminate interference in the picture. Photos taken from a height of 1500 feet can take a picture detail up to 2.9 inches from the ground, when the photo was taken from an altitude of 900 feet, detail can reach 1.8 inches. Office Processing Center software provided also designed to facilitate the unification picture.

UltraCamXp able to capture an image 17,310 x 11,310 pixels with a sharp up to 1 inch distance above the ground using the aircraft flying at 200 kilometers per hour. With 14 CPU's computing capability, the camera can process the raw images directly, offering high image quality and also a quick view and the histogram.
To compensate for the camera catches, there are storage media that can store around 6600 images was compressed in size up to 4.2 terabytes per picture, this is a very useful technology to be used to see important objects.

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Firex Santos mengatakan...
29 Agustus 2009 00.46  

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Amelia mengatakan...
29 Agustus 2009 16.31  

wow.. the ability of this camera is really good.. Do you know how much is it? Just curious about it though I know I can't afford it :p

It will be really useful for someone who like flying or air sport :)
nice info!

Note : people said something wrong about newbuxindia.. I'm checking on it

Willyo Alsyah P.Pratama mengatakan...
30 Agustus 2009 06.22  

ga da sotbox nya ya...aku komen disini aja..dengan senang hati sob..sy malah bangga dpt tawaran dri sobat..silahkan pasang link sya...tar kasi tahu ya sob..biar sy pasang balik...

Meryl (proud pinay) mengatakan...
20 September 2009 16.11  

nice camera! ^_^ great info ^_^



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