Nanorobotics Biology

Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009 ·

Nano Technology is a technology that is able to manipulate atoms to produce a product to be cheaper, better and more fun. Nanotechnology is very diverse, for example to create a robot seukuran cells (the size of very small nano do) to fight the virus, smooth flow of blood, in the form of Nano Robot Biology.

Nanotechnology still limited research on the making of nano particles, shooting cancer cells, and the establishment of material I is superior (CMIIW). Nanotec is a kind of engine size is very small (of cells) that can perform the work of super-complex, for example, alter the order of cells, etc.. controlled by the kind of software.

In addition to the robot that is capable of Nanotechnology treat the disease, in addition to this technology can be very useful especially in the field of medicine, but will be destroyed if a programmed, will be very dangerous. Estimated the mad genius that make nano machine that is destroying mankind. Remember, the computer virus to create a virus using only his ego.

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Blog Fbycom mengatakan...
13 September 2009 21.18  

apa ini?

Blog Fbycom mengatakan...
15 September 2009 03.32  

Silahkan pasang link saya! nanti akan saya pasang link anda!



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